When did you last see your Diva? … Or the Contemporary Importance of Vintage Glamour!

I do not feel that it is in the least shallow to want to look good – in my book, it is actually a Jolly Good Thing. It focuses the mind, it signals to you that you are taking pride in yourself (never a bad thing, I am sure you will agree) – and it makes looking at you a whole lot more pleasant for everyone else, along the way ๐Ÿ˜‰

And going (even just a little bit) Vintage with it is:
1. Easy – a lot of looking vintagely stylish is not about what you wear, but how you wear it
2. Foolproof – the shapes of yesteryear are bound to flatter almost any female form
3. Inexpensive – I spend a lot of time in vintage and secondhand shops and, finally, it’s a huge amount of creative…
4. Fun!

I am sure that you are all total pros at this but, for any of you who are just a tad inexperienced or nervous, just keep the following in mind and you’ll do brilliantly:

Experiment – only you know what period and what style jumps out at you and you can have a whale of a time foraging in charity shops, looking for it. But keep an open mind, give something a whirl. It may not always work but who cares about that? The only thing this is about is YOU feeling great and the confidence that gives you.

Don’t save anything for best – For example, ’40s Femme Fatales didn’t ‘not do their hair’ because they were off to work long shifts in the munitions depots to support the war effort. They did their hair after a long shift, slept in higly uncomfortable and unforgiving rollers and stuck a huge great headscarf over the result – see Rosie the Riveter.

OK, clothes were a slightly different matter – our feisty foremothers did not wear their Sunday frock to clean out the lavvies – but there was rationing and, for a large part, a War on so clothes were not as available then as they are today and not as relatively inexpensive. Thus, they took more care of them – if a dirty job arose on a Sunday frock, they shoved an apron on top. We Modern Divas can learn from this! I have several aprons – for cooking, for cleaning, for other crafty stuff. Do you?

But, vitally, our ancestresses were not overly sentimental. They were not afraid to cut up and recycle and reinvent – last year’s clothes were readily cut up and transmogrified into this year’s Little Numbers, with ne’er a backward glance. Thus, no clothing was sacred. If they could do that back then, how much easier for us Vintage Vixens today?

Remember that you are a woman – and that women change shape!
Sometimes, we forget. We have so many demands that it is easiest and a good deal more practical to just to shove on a pair of jeans and have done with it. Fine, but make sure they fit and make sure that they are flattering. Our bodies do change shape, some of us alarmingly regularly, what gapes around out midriff at one point in the month can be impossible to squeeze into a week later. It does not matter a jot what size or shape you are, there is always something to fit and flatter you – and if that something no longer fits or flatters you, DON’T WEAR IT.

Get dressed as though every day is special – now, here, all but the most diligent of Divas has room for improvement. Jeans are a necessity of life. But there is absolutely nothing stopping you donning a pair of reasonable heels and a figure flattering top with them. In my book, though, skirts are best and, now that Spring has finally sprung, I shall be wiggling back into those from next week. I wear pencils as my weopan of choice but hey, that’s just me. Whatever rocks your boat, don it and join me… and liberate your Inner Glamourpuss.

But the key, Ladies, above all, and if you do nothing else, is:



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I am a Vintage Girl and always have been. I love Bette Davies and formal hats, old screwball and Ealing comedies, Art Deco buildings and high heels and Babycham!
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1 Response to When did you last see your Diva? … Or the Contemporary Importance of Vintage Glamour!

  1. zoey says:

    Brilliant!! nice to see something different, I love it keep up the good work : )

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