All the Fun of the Fair!

Well, whatever can I say? Only that on Saturday April 16, History was made!

As the Very Vintage of the Fine City of Norwich congregated beneath the arches of St Andrew’s Hall and threw a bash which took the breath away!

At amostcuriousparty‘s premier Vintage Wedding Event, I shared a stand with Miss Kitty Golightly, Norwich Burlesque Teacher Extraordinaire. We arrived, thoroughly out of breath, by nine O’Clock with the strapping Mr Demuir & Mr Golightly present to lend their much needed muscle – well, Kitty and I did have our nails to watch! We set up our showgirl stand, replete with dressing table, travelling trunks, marvellous  modesty screens and massive ostrich feather fans. It’s a tough job but, hey someone’s got to do it!

Thereafter, I must confess, much is a blur… Miss Golightly and I were rushed off our stylishly shod feet all day, chatting and discussing wedding plans with all manner of frisky fiancees but I did get a chance, before shutting up shop, to meet a few folks and to grab a few pics for posterity.


I was fortunate enough to be placed very near to some super stands and to meet the ladies and gents running them. I finally met, after much virtual vintage badinage, Miss Gemma Seager, the Diva who is Retrochick and is behind the new all singing, all dancing VintageNorwich website. She had promised me a French Fancy on the day – which she duly brought. Sadly, being on a rather restrictive diet that day, I could not partake.

I had the same dreadful issue with ‘Cupcakes by Jess’. This was a terrible hardship! Oh, the glorious, serried ranks of confection, topped with sugared icing and glace and little rakishly inserted paper flags. Jess has, however, promised to create a ‘Cupcake Diet’ in my honour – ‘The Demuir Dainties Diet’ has a lovely ring to it, wouldn’t you say? – which I am quite sure will be a huge hit and which I shall patronise with enthusiasm 🙂


The shows (what I saw of them, which was not as much as I’d have liked, with so many lovely ladies to speak to and with visibility somewhat restricted by a large potted Aspidistra) were super. The fashion show choreographed by the ravishing redhead who is Miss Dolly Bird of the Hot Boppin’ Girls, showed everyone off to their best advantage in their wardrobe lent for the occasion by Vivien of Holloway and their stylish vintage updos courtesy of the talented Misses Bex and Flamingo Amy! The Trio of Viva La Bop looked, sashayed and warbled incredibly well in the hallowed hall and The Testosta Tones were manly in their mustard coloured cardigans – their Doo Wop harmonies proved entirely irresistible and had a goodly number of female hearts all aflutter, notwithstanding that most of them were already spoken for.

I made the acquaintance of Jane Kenning, couture bridal corset and dressmaker, whose slinky halterneck ‘Forties cut wedding gown had me salivating throughout and the lovely Miss Fowler (and Ria) of Mooi The Florists, who were kind enough to give me one of the gorgeous bouquets from the day. And Elle is For Love – creator and provider of beautiful bespoke wedding stationery. Then, there was the incomparably adept Karen who runs Blue Skies Vintage Event Management; Violets & Velvet‘s bespoke florist Miss S Cotterrell; Miss Amber Seamons of Aunty Nana’s of St Benedict’s; Kate Fletcher of Vintage Style Hire and, of course, the sartorially unsurpassable Mr Earl Harlem, Compere of the show, MC and all round splendid chap!

And a special ‘Hello’ goes out to Miss Gemma Osborn, who LOVES this blog and came to introduce herself. She has just had a baby, for which many congratulations – but is not going to let this understandable little hiccough stand in her way… as she fits back into all the costumes her saucy grandmother bequeathed her for a fabulous Peggy Lee tribute. When she does it, she’ll be here, I promise you! Plus, she’s a rather talented pinup tattooist. Some women, eh!?

Last, but most certainly not least, I struck up a chumship with Miss Esther Ling, a super-talented papper much like myself 😉 Her wicked sense of humour and mutual interest in all things relating to depth of field and metering mean she very rarely rolls her eyes and yawns at the mere mention of f-stopping and prime glass – thus making her an ideal companion for a gal like myself!

In all, Ladies and Gents, I had the BEST time imaginable and all the hard work and prep and tears and tantrums were entirely worth it. If you are based around East Anglia, follow my links to find out more of what these super people do with themselves – a lot of them and of what they do, will travel. And if you are not, click anyway! They are worth a look, wherever you are and can inspire some fantastic ideas…

If you were there and I missed you, I am so sorry! Next time, grab me and we’ll make it happen 🙂

And if you were not there, why on Earth weren’t you?!

Must sign off now…

I have an article coming up in a Rather Large National Publication to perfect – news on this soon, of course. So, until next time, Darlings!


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TQ x

As ever, (c) Miss Ruby Demuir and her mild(er) mannered alter-ego Bryonie Jones – 2011

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One Response to All the Fun of the Fair!

  1. Gemma Osborn says:

    It was such a gorgeous day and it was wonderful to meet you and Kitty. Thank you for the special hello 🙂 x

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