How to Achieve That Vintage Starlet Makeup Look with Eyes & Lips: Part 2 by Lovemoi’s Emily Turnbull x

How to Achieve a Vintage Starlet Look: Part 2

Eyes and Lips – THE Vintage Tips!


Once more with feeling, Ladies (and gents, if you are so inclined)!
Lovemoi’s own Luscious Makeup Artiste Extraordinaire, Emily Turnbull, continues with  THE season’s tips for achieving Instant Starlethood through your makeup! Part 1 dealt with the flawless base needed for it all to work – your skin and how to perfect it when it is, frankly, less than perfect. Part 2 deals with such issues of Earth-shattering import (and yes, for the sake of a vintage look, they really are) as eyes and lips.

As I explained previously, Emily is wonderful and I am delighted to work with her. Her work not only makes a perfect canvas but helps clients to truly know how good they look before they even step before my lens! Read on for her second set of Top Tips and make the Very Vintage Best of yourself for the Summer  🙂 x


The Eyes Have It!

Eyeliner and lots of lashes are an essential part of the starlet look and the more dramatic the better!  A liquid liner is used along the lash line over soft toned and shaded eye shadows, and flicked out at the outer corners to elevate the eye, and exaggerate the shape.  Try a gel liner in black by Clinique or Bobbi Brown with a fine liner brush for ease of application – a gel is more pliable than a liquid and will be easier to shape.  Apply lashes which are fine but full, and that flick out at the corners – try Eyelure, Ardell or Mac for a great range of styles.  Frame the eyes with a full, dark brow which is highly arched – try filling the brows with a brow powder or pencil whilst pulling up the arch with your fingers.  Finish with a clear brow gel to set the hairs and retain the shape.

 Love those Lips!

 A good red lipstick is essential, whether you choose ruby, fuchsia, coral or even a deeper plum.  Ruby Woo by Mac is widely regarded amongst makeup artists as a staple of the Vintage kit, and is a blue undertoned classic Hollywood red, which will suit particularly blondes and fairer skin tones.  It is also a matte finish and contains kaolin clay, which gives it some real staying power.  You might also like to look at Bobbi Browns “Hollywood Red”, Mac’s Lady Danger, or Illamasqua’s Box or Sangers for some other great reds, all of which I use regularly for Vintage looks.  Ensure you prepare with a lip-liner that matches your chosen shade of lipstick, and choose your lip shape – the cupids bow was often exaggerated into a “V” shape.  You may wish to slightly overextend the lips by tracing just outside your lipline a la Raquel Welsh for a super full pout.


Of course, if this still sounds like a lot of work, you could just book a starlet package with Miss Demuir, and let the professionals take care of it all for you!  Have a look at the head of this blogpost at the beautiful Natalie to see the most recent Starlet look I created, and the newest of Ruby’s starlets!

Love Moi x

Love Moi Makeup offers bridal, event, prom and Vintage makeup services, as well as makeup tuition.  For more, please see:


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  1. Perdita says:

    Thanks for the tip about gel liners! I have never tried them, but they sound great. 🙂

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