Getting to Know… the Incomparable ‘Able Grable’ x

Getting to Know… Able Grable!

in Ruby’s cosy fireside ‘Ten Minutes and Ten Questions’ chat – so no pressure, Little One, but the clock is ticking! 😉


Her designs are legendary, her dresses divine, she was Two Whole Years Old on June 6th … and has her leg in plaster! What else was the Woman to do but settle down by the hearth with Pimms and panache, to answer Ruby’s every question and offer you all a splendid discount on her remarkably lovely wares 🙂

With a 15% OFF Special Offer just for subscribers to this Blog*!

1. Vintage Miss or Vintage Minx… and why?

Vintage Miss for sure, I have bags and shoes that would knock the socks off Miss Marple…

2. H. G Wells’ scientist appears right next to you, as you sit in style at a Parisian cafe and, after lulling him into a false sense of security, you half inch his Time Machine – where do you go and what do you do? 

(And, just out of interest, just how did you lull him into that false sense of security?)

I’d go back to 10th April 1912, Southampton and have dinner aboard the Titanic then whoosh back a few seconds before H.G appears again in Paris and act like nothing has happened.

H.G was lulled into a false sense of security when I showed him rudie Pics of Dita Von Teese and said she was sat behind him and not to stare…of course he turned around and I was to 1912.

3. You alight next to The Doctor… in which incarnation? In fewer than ten words, how do you persuade him to abandon the TARDIS and travel the Universe with you instead?

 Master,K9 your loyal companion, let’s go for icecream.

4. It is 2020 – you have the vision, you see and the Doctor is soooo passe these days – what are you doing? And with whom?

 I’m getting on a bit by now, I’m in my vintage boudoir, shifting through racks of gowns, preparing for yet another shin dig…with Captain Kirk.

5. Back to now… if you were not you, who would you be? And would you be any good?

Miss Marple, oh yes…..fantastic!!

6. True Love Forever… or Total Lust for a Good Couple of Weeks?

 True Love Forever

7. Ava Gardner or Marilyn Monroe?


8. Leg or breast?


9. Tell us a secret which is just between us!

 I can’t stand carnations.

10. Tell us about the Special Offer you have just for subscribers to this blog?!

 15% discount on all satin & cotton frocks*! Simply sign up for this blog and quote: ‘DemuirDiscount‘ when you place your order with AbleGrable!

Thank you, Miss Matilda for such splendid answers! And as for you lot, visit or email

*Only open to subscribers to this blog – if you are not already subscribed, what are you waiting for? Valid until December 2011. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer

About rubydemuir

I am a Vintage Girl and always have been. I love Bette Davies and formal hats, old screwball and Ealing comedies, Art Deco buildings and high heels and Babycham!
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