Shooting Miss Monroe – How to do it!

Bex lights up the screen as Ms Monroe

I do not feel too surprised that a Miss Monroe shoot is one of my most requested. Here are just a couple of Marilyn inspired shots, as promised from previous shoots, featuring Bex, one of my Demuir Divas!

A classic with silken sheet and fur rug 🙂 x

Why Marilyn?

Funnily enough, though MM is ultimately the most recognisable Diva this World has ever known, it is very easy for many women to be shot beautifully as her. Even if, physically, they are non too alike. Why? I feel certain this is because Marilyn, for us, is an ideal, and when we shoot her we are tributing an icon rather than attempting an exact reproduction. Of course, the hair must be blonde and styled appropriately (often a wig can be used to achieve this) but facial features become less important than the overall suggestion of the image itself. Hence Marilyn’s suitability as a shoot inspiration for almost anyone (notwithstanding the exception below).

Secondly, Ladies, Marilyn is best served up on a woman who has some ‘substance’ about her, ideally with generous curvature. She had the hourglass shape so coveted then and, if posed correctly to flatter their own shape, so do many of us women today. Sorry, but thin ladies do not really cut the ice here 😉

So, how do I do it?

1. Makeup Matters!

The brows, the complexion, the eyes but, above, all the lips matter. Although her eyeshadow is actually relatively subtle, the Marilyn we all know (and adore!) has anything but subtlety about the mouth. I could not even attempt to better this article by The Glam Guide, if you want to achieve this yourself.

2. Pose with Playfulness

‘Marilyn Monroe’ feels like a great many things to a great many people but to me, above all, she feels playful. The kittenish images are those which my clients ask me for and I feel delighted to tell you that it is those which work best. Smiling, you see, lifts everything – both faces and spirits – and it flatters every single woman who is photographed. I have yet to find a woman who does not photograph best when she is in ‘Full Flirt Mode’ and who better to ape than the Glorious Miss Monroe to get us in the mood? 😉

Now, for anyone who would like more in depth coverage of poses and methods for shooting tributes, you are in luck! My book is in revision stage and will be available very soon for purchase. You’ll be the first to know 🙂 x


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TQ x

As ever, (c) Miss Ruby Demuir and her mild(er) mannered alter-ego Bryonie Jones – 2011

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