All About Ruby

I am a Vintage Girl and always have been. I love Bette Davies and formal hats, old screwball and Ealing comedies, Art Deco buildings and high heels and Babycham! That’s why becoming Miss Ruby Demuir, Photographer to the Starlets appealed so strongly.

Actually, it’s in my genes…

My nana Faye Griffiths (whose stage name was Faye Russell) was an extremely glamorous woman all her life. She was a dancer with ENSA during the ‘30s and early ‘40s and she was a ‘Windmill Girl’!  She was resident at the famous Windmill Theatre – the ‘Theatre that Never Closed’ – where she danced in the revue and in variety shows throughout the War. The Windmill Theatre was run by Vivien Van Damme (he and the Theatre’s owner were later immortalised in the film ‘Mrs Henderson Presents…’ with Bob Hoskins and Judy Dench). She was always a firm believer in beauty being in ‘the way you hold yourself’.  Whether you are treading the boards, or having your picture taken – or doing the dishes – I couldn’t agree more.

I shoot Vintage, Burlesque, Cheesecake, Pinup, Film Noir and also more modern Boudoir of all types – plus, I love to shoot ‘The Pictures’.   I recreate scenes from movies. Recent requests have included Sin City inspired Film Noir imagery and recreations of scenes from several ’40s Film Noir cinema classics including: Veronica Lake in ‘This Gun For Hire‘ and Lana Turner in ‘The Postman Always Rings Twice‘ and Golden Era movie sets such as Jane Russell in ‘The Outlaw‘.



4 Responses to All About Ruby

  1. Gemma Osborn says:

    I have posted on Myspace and Facebook (including creating an event for your page inviting all my friends). Plus I have emailed it to anyone I missed. I love your work and would dearly love a shoot to boost my confidence after having my baby xxx

    • Gemma Osborn says:

      Sorry this is meant to be on your competition page :S. My Grandmother used to star in Music Hall xx

  2. Nicky Lane says:

    Hi, since starting burlesque classes with Kitty Golightly I have become interested in the look. I would so like to have my pictures taken as vintage but not sure because of the look I have whether this would actually be achievable. If you could have a think and get back to me with some ideas, I would be more than interested. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • rubydemuir says:

      Yes, indeed, Nicky – I am completely sure that it is. So much of it is in the pose and, as Kitty will have explained, is to do with holding oneself etc. I also have some super stylists – hair and makeup – who do an amazing job, working alongside me. Email me some pics at – both of yourself and of the sort of images you would like to emulate and I shall get back to you x

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