Miss Demuir Presents: With the Lights Down Low… use ISO!

Tip o’the Morning to you… #2

With the Lights Down Low… use ISO!

In the Good Old Days – the days of Barbara Stanwyck and the Studio System; the Girl from Ipanema or the Italian Job; whatever your decade, in fact, as long as it pre-dates the ‘Nineties – all cameras took film. You knew that, didn’t you?

However, what you may not know was that not all the film these cameras took was equal – and in respect of being able to light up the dark, some film was decidedly ‘more equal than others.’ There were different speeds of film, you see, classified in terms of their ASA. A fast film (that with a higher ASA) could literally ‘capture’ more light during a given shutter duration – and hence better expose a low light situation. Thus, a wedding photographer of old would have used a high ASA film for the ceremony itself to iluminate the dim church interior, whilst physically switching to a different lower ASA film for the group photographs to be taken in the daylight, outside the church after the service itself was over.

Now, we no longer have film or ASA (well, most of us don’t) … what do we do, when light levels alter?

We have ISO instead! It works in exactly the same way (except without the minor inconvenience of having to stop everything and swap actual tangible rolls of film, without inadvertantly exposing them, between the church door and the churchyard in twenty seconds flat).

Now, take this rather pretty (and very conveniently placed) bunch of flowers, resting upon my kitchen table at oh, say 7.55pm. There is a Very Small amount of light from the window to its right (but not a lot, as you can imagine at this time).ย  Possibly, flash might appear to be called for but that would ruin the effect with which I wish to dazzle you. Also, to keep this a truly scientific experiment and properly controlled, I am going to go into Manual (so the camera does not think for itself, at all) and select shutter speed of 1/250s, an aperture of f3.5 and an ISO 100 (the lowest). These will remain constant, so that the only thing which changes is the ISO, itelf.

And at ISO 100… Tada!

Oh, I am sorry! You cannot see it? It’s there, I promise. Perhaps I can shed some light upon the matter… and, indeed, things do appear to be a little clearer at ISO 1250:

But I believe the honours must go (for shooting with no flash and in troglodytic conditions)… Ladies and Gents, I give you… ISO 6400:

Nice, eh?

And a BONUS…!

Yes, a super one, too. Because higher ASA film – and higher ISO digital – ‘capture’ more light, they can light up dark places… but they can make your capturing of images in light places even better.

1. Firstly, the movement of others – I find that shutter speeds of less than 1/250 s will often result in blurring even in good light – a higher ISO can allow you to use a higher shutter speed, thus solving the issue (especially useful when so many cameras are tied to a max flash sync speed of 1/250 s or less) .

2. Secondly, the movement of you! If you are handholding (and 99% of the time, unless you are doing landscapes or macro, you will be) your camera WILL shake. But raising the ISO, especially where no flash is allowed, will allow you to raise the shutter speed and minimise its effect on your pictures. More on both of these vital areas later!

OK, Miss Demuir, you have convinced me. So, how do I increase / decrease my ISO?

It is simple. On my D50 and my D7000 – in fact on most consumer / prosumer Nikon and non-Nikon DSLRs, there’s a button that says ‘ISO’. Holding this down whilst turning the wheel and the ISO will alter.ย  In some cameras, though – including most of the sophisticated point and shoots – you will need to go into the menus to do this but the principle is the same. Whichever your camera, a quick shufti at the Instructions will provide your answer.

And now, three (yes, three!) notes of caution:

1. Whack the ISO up rarely and with extreme care. In fact, don’t whack it up at all. Go slowly and you won’t overdo it. Overdoing it will be an Extremely Bad Thing, because your pictures will develop a nasty, blobby condition called Artefaction – best avoided, it’s fatal for a photograph ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

2. Remember, you won’t be able to alter the ISO if you are shooting on Auto – the camera will decide ISO, as it decides everything else for you – which is why I almost never use it, myself. It will very likely work admirably, though, on P, S, A, M and any and all other modes you may (or may not) possess.

3. And ALWAYS put it back to minimum before you put the camera away. Then you won’t find yourself shooting inadvertantly at ISO 25000 in broad daylight and ruining every shot next time.

That’s all folks… do let me know how you get on – and which other weird and wonderful photographic arcane arts you would like me to cover in future blog entries.

Until next time, pen (and box brownie) at the ready…




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TQ x

As ever, (c) Miss Ruby Demuir and her mild(er) mannered alter-ego Bryonie Jones – 2011

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All the Fun of the Fair!

Well, whatever can I say? Only that on Saturday April 16, History was made!

As the Very Vintage of the Fine City of Norwich congregated beneath the arches of St Andrew’s Hall and threw a bash which took the breath away!

At amostcuriousparty‘s premier Vintage Wedding Event, I shared a stand with Miss Kitty Golightly, Norwich Burlesque Teacher Extraordinaire. We arrived, thoroughly out of breath, by nine O’Clock with the strapping Mr Demuir & Mr Golightly present to lend their much needed muscle – well, Kitty and I did have our nails to watch! We set up our showgirl stand, replete with dressing table, travelling trunks, marvellousย  modesty screens and massive ostrich feather fans. It’s a tough job but, hey someone’s got to do it!

Thereafter, I must confess, much is a blur… Miss Golightly and I were rushed off our stylishly shod feet all day, chatting and discussing wedding plans with all manner of frisky fiancees but I did get a chance, before shutting up shop, to meet a few folks and to grab a few pics for posterity.


I was fortunate enough to be placed very near to some super stands and to meet the ladies and gents running them. I finally met, after much virtual vintage badinage, Miss Gemma Seager, the Diva who is Retrochick and is behind the new all singing, all dancing VintageNorwich website. She had promised me a French Fancy on the day – which she duly brought. Sadly, being on a rather restrictive diet that day, I could not partake.

I had the same dreadful issue with ‘Cupcakes by Jess’. This was a terrible hardship! Oh, the glorious, serried ranks of confection, topped with sugared icing and glace and little rakishly inserted paper flags. Jess has, however, promised to create a ‘Cupcake Diet’ in my honour – ‘The Demuir Dainties Diet’ has a lovely ring to it, wouldn’t you say? – which I am quite sure will be a huge hit and which I shall patronise with enthusiasm ๐Ÿ™‚


The shows (what I saw of them, which was not as much as I’d have liked, with so many lovely ladies to speak to and with visibility somewhat restricted by a large potted Aspidistra) were super. The fashion show choreographed by the ravishing redhead who is Miss Dolly Bird of the Hot Boppin’ Girls, showed everyone off to their best advantage in their wardrobe lent for the occasion by Vivien of Holloway and their stylish vintage updos courtesy of the talented Misses Bex and Flamingo Amy! The Trio of Viva La Bop looked, sashayed and warbled incredibly well in the hallowed hall and The Testosta Tones were manly in their mustard coloured cardigans – their Doo Wop harmonies proved entirely irresistible and had a goodly number of female hearts all aflutter, notwithstanding that most of them were already spoken for.

I made the acquaintance of Jane Kenning, couture bridal corset and dressmaker, whose slinky halterneck ‘Forties cut wedding gown had me salivating throughout and the lovely Miss Fowler (and Ria) of Mooi The Florists, who were kind enough to give me one of the gorgeous bouquets from the day. And Elle is For Love – creator and provider of beautiful bespoke wedding stationery. Then, there was the incomparably adept Karen who runs Blue Skies Vintage Event Management; Violets & Velvet‘s bespoke florist Miss S Cotterrell; Miss Amber Seamons of Aunty Nana’s of St Benedict’s; Kate Fletcher of Vintage Style Hire and, of course, the sartorially unsurpassable Mr Earl Harlem, Compere of the show, MC and all round splendid chap!

And a special ‘Hello’ goes out to Miss Gemma Osborn, who LOVES this blog and came to introduce herself. She has just had a baby, for which many congratulations – but is not going to let this understandable little hiccough stand in her way… as she fits back into all the costumes her saucy grandmother bequeathed her for a fabulous Peggy Lee tribute. When she does it, she’ll be here, I promise you! Plus, she’s a rather talented pinup tattooist. Some women, eh!?

Last, but most certainly not least, I struck up a chumship with Miss Esther Ling, a super-talented papper much like myself ๐Ÿ˜‰ Her wicked sense of humour and mutual interest in all things relating to depth of field and metering mean she very rarely rolls her eyes and yawns at the mere mention of f-stopping and prime glass – thus making her an ideal companion for a gal like myself!

In all, Ladies and Gents, I had the BEST time imaginable and all the hard work and prep and tears and tantrums were entirely worth it. If you are based around East Anglia, follow my links to find out more of what these super people do with themselves – a lot of them and of what they do, will travel. And if you are not, click anyway! They are worth a look, wherever you are and can inspire some fantastic ideas…

If you were there and I missed you, I am so sorry! Next time, grab me and we’ll make it happen ๐Ÿ™‚

And if you were not there, why on Earth weren’t you?!

Must sign off now…

I have an article coming up in a Rather Large National Publication to perfect – news on this soon, of course. So, until next time, Darlings!


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TQ x

As ever, (c) Miss Ruby Demuir and her mild(er) mannered alter-ego Bryonie Jones – 2011

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Tomorrow’s Vintage Wedding Fair in Norwich x

Hello All! Just a flying one, I am afraid, because I am up to my ears in props and feathers and shoes and gorgeous pictures of Luscious Ladies – all in aid of attendance at the first Vintage Wedding Fair tomorrow in Norwich. I am soooooooo looking forward to it ๐Ÿ™‚

The flyers are fantastic, the prints are perfected, the set is… all set! It is in St Andrew’s Hall, Norwich. Pretty pictures to follow, of course!

Many of Norwich’s Finest Vintage(s)will be there – and of course, Yours Truly!

Do pop in to say Hello if you are local and you are passing – it would be super to meet you! x

Do subscribe to this blog if you liked this and you’ll get a whole 10% OFF any package or product in my repetoire OR WIN A SHOOT (0r a copy of my eagerly awaited Vintage Photography eBook! Go on… you KNOW you want to! By all means tell your friends (the more the merrier) and leave me a comment too? I’d LOVE to hear from you!

TQ x

As ever, (c) Miss Ruby Demuir and her mild(er) mannered alter-ego Bryonie Jones – 2011

Miss Demuirs Fortnightly Newsyletter
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Retro Chick on Lounging… ‘Vintage Style’

If you have not already met her… then DO!

Based in Norwich (though her wisdom travels all over!) Retrochick is the Lovely Gemma Seager. She has a wicked sense of humour. She tweets, she sells, she organises but best of all… she Blogs – withย  a Capital B. She has a very great deal of common sense with regard to Vintage Style and how to use it yourself! The personal touch is, after all, what it’s all about.

Personally, I adore her mantra:

  • Style never goes out of fashion
  • Fashion doesnโ€™t have to cost the earth, in any sense
  • There isnโ€™t much that canโ€™t be made better by a nice cup of tea
  • If youโ€™re nice to people theyโ€™ll be nice back.
  • What a Gal! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Retro Chick can (far too often, by her own admission) be found at Boot Fairs and Charity Shops, generously disseminating vintage hair and beauty tips and finding the Best Bally Nights Out in East Anglia. She has just started the marvellous VintageNorwich website and has organised A Marvellous Cocktail Party for May 26th. Phew!

    I think she does a super job – here she is on the very topical issue of Lounging… Vintage Style – and not just because I am hoping she’ll stand me an Earl Grey and a teacake when we meet at the Norwich Vintage Wedding Fair on Saturday! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Do subscribe to this blog if you liked this and you’ll get a whole 10% OFF any package or product in my repetoire OR WIN A SHOOT (0r a copy of my eagerly awaited Vintage Photography eBook! Go on… you KNOW you want to! By all means tell your friends (the more the merrier) and leave me a comment too? I’d LOVE to hear from you!

    TQ x


    As ever, (c) Miss Ruby Demuir and her mild(er) mannered alter-ego Bryonie Jones – 2011

    Miss Demuir’s Fortnightly Newsyletter
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    In Camera… Tip o’ the Morning to you, Guvnor! #1 Perfect Camera FOCUS – Every Time!

    In Camera… Tip o’ the Morning to you, Guvnor! #1
    Perfect Camera FOCUS – Every Time!

    Now, I didn’t get where I am today purely by being a good looking dame with an eye for the Ladies! Though this did help, I also had to learn how to use a camera along the way. And here, step by step, for you lucky people, I shall pass on what the hardened photography hacks from the School of Hard Knocks taught me… and goodness, you don’t even have to batt your eyelids at me for it!

    I am going to begin at the beginning – the Very Beginning. So, if you are already a super duper papper, do bear with me. Shortly, we’ll take it up a notch or two… but let’s get the Class Dunce up to scratch first ๐Ÿ˜‰

    A word of warning, though – even if you are somewhat of a super duper papper, ignore some of these early posts at your peril – it’s surprising what we can all forget sometimes.

    So, without further ado, may I present…


    If your photo’s main subject is not in focus, you have had it! Nothing you can do, no amount of post processing and sharpening will make it good enough. Now… do you need some Focus Pocus? It’s NOT magic – but it will seem like it!

    This entry came to me in a flash of inspiration. A flash which hit me (rather like a lightning bolt) when I casually asked Mr Demuir to take a potshot or two at me for a last minute publicity shoot. It was less a case of ‘Quis custodiet custodias?’ than of ‘Who paps the photographer?’ (but my Latin won’t rise to this occasion).ย Mr Demuir, you see, dutifully stepped up to the table, took my camera with care and began shooting away. I got into it and many exciting, vintage photographs ensued. Ahem…

    I am so used to FOCUSSING that I very rarely examine my in-camera images. I extended this trusting courtesy to Mr Demuir as well. I realised, on relieving him of my camera, that his images were blurry (an extraneous chicken who just happened to be wandering through the shot looked perfect whilst I was a nasty smudge in the far corner) and they were inconsitent with it – thus, the chicken featured prominently once and next time, a random table leg did instead. I realised that Mr Demuir, Bless Him, does not know how to focus.

    And this got me thinking…
    You, too, will have seen the holiday snaps, cycling through on your best friend’s computer, where the details of the mountain flora leap out at you whilst your friend’s friends face, directly in front, is unrecognisable. And the snaps of that party last night on FB, where the photographer appears to have been more well-oiled than those in the pictures? And haven’t you ever found yourself thinking (with disappointment): ‘Oh, but they looked OK in camera!’ (The truth is, they always look OK in camera… it’s when you get them off that it’s a wildly different story).

    Now, I want to thank Mr Demuir publicly for bringing this issue to my attention. It is not, after all, a problem which a professional photographer usually has! But it clearly can cause issues for others, so I shall solve this pretty pickle for you. The good news is, it’s not difficult, Ladies & Gents – and though getting focussed pictures may resemble something of an arcane art, you have Miss Ruby Demuir to guide you…


    Laziness! How many people read the instructions which come with their camera? and

    You see, most lack of focus is – temporarily – covered up by:

    1. people owning cameras whose image resolution (their number of megapixels) is greater than they will ever need (understand that when a huge ‘out of focus’ image is presented as a small ‘out of focus’ image, the ‘out of focusness’ of it is a lot less noticeable) and
    2. people uploading to the web mostly – teeny weeny images always look in focus!

    So, I hear you say, if the problem is ‘covered up’, why bother doing anything about it?

    How about because:
    1.ย  it’s only temporarily covered up – what about when you want to print? Or to look at it in real size?
    2. if you are taking a picture, you are taking a memory – it matters! Or you wouldn’t be taking it and
    3. if you are taking a picture, you might as well make it as sharp and as focussed a picture as you can – it takes no longer to take a beautiful picture than it does to take a dreadful one, after all!


    There are many ways (I’ll be covering more every fortnight or so on this part of the blog) but today, here’s the ONE which will make the most difference, anyway.


    Take aย  moment – that is all it takes. First, choose where you want to focus, place the focus ‘square’ in your viewfinder over this area and then HALF DEPRESS THE SHUTTER and HOLD IT THERE! This will focus your camera on the spot you have chosen. If you release now, the focus on that area will be lost. If you depress now, you will take the picture – and, here’s the key point – that picture will be beautifully focussed on the area you want!

    There is a proviso: AUTO may screw this up for you sometimes. AUTO is just that, it chooses everything – whether you want flash, what aperture and shutter speed you want and… where it thinks you want to focus. Sometimes, it can get it wrong! If you shoot, in AUTO this will happen – so try to shoot in ‘P’ or equivalent (Programmed auto) instead where you can (for most situations, it will do just as good a job). More on this later.

    And, finally…

    An Unexpected BONUS!

    Whilst you are holding the shutter release button halfway (ensuring that the correct part of your image is in focus) shift your camera to one side! YES, DO IT! Because the second biggest mistake that non-professional photographers make is to take images with their subject slap bang in the middle of the frame. It screams ‘amateur’, Darling. More on this in a fortnight’s time but, for now… you won’t be making that mistake again, will you?!
    Yes, Folks… it’s really as simple as that. Which is precisely what you – and I – want ๐Ÿ™‚
    Let me know how you get on, won’t you?

    Until next time,


    Miss Ruby Demuir is the Vintage and Boudoir Photographer in Norwich, England. She is currently writing a book on DIY Vintage Photography!

    ps. SUBSCRIBE to this blog and get 10% off any package or product from my range! PLUS, WIN A FREE PHOTOSHOOT or a copy of my NEW VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY EBOOK!

    ps. Feel free to link to this page and to point those who’d be interested it to it! Of course, though, it remains my copyright ๐Ÿ™‚

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    WIN a ‘Demuir Dalliance’ Photoshoot… or Ruby’s exciting NEW Vintage Photography eBook!

    Oh, I say! A Gorgeous Competition – there are even 2 ways to enter!

    WHAT YOU WIN: A free ‘DEMUIR DALLIANCE’ photoshoot with Ruby Demuir at her Norfolk Studio – or, if you live too far away to travel, a copy of her eagerly awaited DIY Vintage Photography ebook!


    Nothing could be simpler…

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    You will then be entered into the draw. And that’s your competition entry sorted! Easy ๐Ÿ™‚


    … except, possibly, this!

    1. Simply SUBSCRIBE to my blog (from this page) and then

    2. Post this link everywhere you think people might be interested! FB it, Digg it, Stumbleacross it, email it, TWEET it, be creative! and then…

    3. After you have posted, POST me a comment at the bottom of this page – 1 comment for every link you post – with a link to your posting! Each posting and the comment that goes with it counts as 1 entry for you into the draw ๐Ÿ™‚


    When Ruby reaches 500 subscribers, the draw will take place and the lucky person will be announced on the blog itself. You can elect to have the eBook if you are unable to travel to the studio at NR12 for your shoot.

    Whichever method you use (and you can use both):
    1. You can enter as many times as you wish!

    2. Each person who subscribes and names you as their referrer counts as one entry!

    3. Each comment to this page with a valid link counts as 1 entry!

    4. Remember you can have as many entries as you want!

    And remember… even if you don’t win the shoot, you get 10% off any Ruby package or product! So, get spreading the word and watch this space… http://www.RubyDemuir.com

    Terms and conditions:
    Draw to be made when blog subscribers number 500,
    The winner’s studio shoot will be held at Demuir Photography’s Norfolk studio only (NR12) – no other locations are available. The winner will be entirely responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from Demuir Photography’s Norfolk NR12 studio.
    Advance booking required
    Adults only
    Not valid with other offers
    Extra images / prints can be purchased at extra cost.
    No cash alternative is available. Miss Demuir’s eBook is available as an optional prize for thise who do not wish to travel to her studio. No other alternative is available.
    Demuir photography’s decision is final.

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    Anyone for…10% OFF? Vintage Boudoir Photography in Norfolk

    The Delightful Miss D.

    Now, on this rather rainy and dismal day in not-in-the-least-bit-sunny Norfolk, Miss Demuir is on a much needed mission to raise morale. Thus, to celebrate the Grand Opening of this Very Vintage Blog, Miss Ruby Demuir is delighted to announce that… all subscribers qualify for a whacking 10% off any package of product from Demuir Photography.

    Now, you simply cannot say fairer – or sunnier – than that, can you?!

    So get subscribing, by all means tell your friends (the more the merrier) and leave me a comment too? Letting me know what you think? and what you’d like to see? I’d LOVE to hear from you!




    Miss Demuir’s Fortnightly Newsyletter
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    When did you last see your Diva? … Or the Contemporary Importance of Vintage Glamour!

    I do not feel that it is in the least shallow to want to look good – in my book, it is actually a Jolly Good Thing. It focuses the mind, it signals to you that you are taking pride in yourself (never a bad thing, I am sure you will agree) – and it makes looking at you a whole lot more pleasant for everyone else, along the way ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And going (even just a little bit) Vintage with it is:
    1. Easy – a lot of looking vintagely stylish is not about what you wear, but how you wear it
    2. Foolproof – the shapes of yesteryear are bound to flatter almost any female form
    3. Inexpensive – I spend a lot of time in vintage and secondhand shops and, finally, it’s a huge amount of creative…
    4. Fun!

    I am sure that you are all total pros at this but, for any of you who are just a tad inexperienced or nervous, just keep the following in mind and you’ll do brilliantly:

    Experiment – only you know what period and what style jumps out at you and you can have a whale of a time foraging in charity shops, looking for it. But keep an open mind, give something a whirl. It may not always work but who cares about that? The only thing this is about is YOU feeling great and the confidence that gives you.

    Don’t save anything for best – For example, ’40s Femme Fatales didn’t ‘not do their hair’ because they were off to work long shifts in the munitions depots to support the war effort. They did their hair after a long shift, slept in higly uncomfortable and unforgiving rollers and stuck a huge great headscarf over the result – see Rosie the Riveter.

    OK, clothes were a slightly different matter – our feisty foremothers did not wear their Sunday frock to clean out the lavvies – but there was rationing and, for a large part, a War on so clothes were not as available then as they are today and not as relatively inexpensive. Thus, they took more care of them – if a dirty job arose on a Sunday frock, they shoved an apron on top. We Modern Divas can learn from this! I have several aprons – for cooking, for cleaning, for other crafty stuff. Do you?

    But, vitally, our ancestresses were not overly sentimental. They were not afraid to cut up and recycle and reinvent – last year’s clothes were readily cut up and transmogrified into this year’s Little Numbers, with ne’er a backward glance. Thus, no clothing was sacred. If they could do that back then, how much easier for us Vintage Vixens today?

    Remember that you are a woman – and that women change shape!
    Sometimes, we forget. We have so many demands that it is easiest and a good deal more practical to just to shove on a pair of jeans and have done with it. Fine, but make sure they fit and make sure that they are flattering. Our bodies do change shape, some of us alarmingly regularly, what gapes around out midriff at one point in the month can be impossible to squeeze into a week later. It does not matter a jot what size or shape you are, there is always something to fit and flatter you – and if that something no longer fits or flatters you, DON’T WEAR IT.

    Get dressed as though every day is special – now, here, all but the most diligent of Divas has room for improvement. Jeans are a necessity of life. But there is absolutely nothing stopping you donning a pair of reasonable heels and a figure flattering top with them. In my book, though, skirts are best and, now that Spring has finally sprung, I shall be wiggling back into those from next week. I wear pencils as my weopan of choice but hey, that’s just me. Whatever rocks your boat, don it and join me… and liberate your Inner Glamourpuss.

    But the key, Ladies, above all, and if you do nothing else, is:

    …WEAR A HAT! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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    And by all means tell your friends, the more the merrier ๐Ÿ˜‰ x


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    A Superb Pedigree… for a Vintage Boudoir Photographer x

    Faye Russell

    Now, I have a sneaking suspicion I was made for this job. Why? Well, take a look at the lady above. She was my Nana… and she was a Windmill Girl!

    I know, I know – she was truly one of the most glamourous grannys. She spent the ’30s and ’40s in ENSA, entertaining the troops (that was how she met my grandfather) and was resident during the War at ‘The Windmill Theatre’ – The ‘Theatre that never closed’ – immortalised on film by Bob Hoskins and Judy Dench in ‘Mrs Henderson Presents…’

    Now, I ask you, with a granny like that, what else was a girl like me to do? ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Do subscribe to this blog if you liked this – go on… you KNOW you want to!

    And leave me a comment too? TQ ๐Ÿ™‚


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    Goodness Gracious Moi! Introducing… Miss Ruby Demuir, Photographer to the Starlets x

    Now, I cannot think how I have not begun to blog before now.

    I am prolific scribbler – weighty novels (in varying stages of non-completion), short stories (ditto), and, somewhat less glamourously I am the author of post-it-notes, emails, TODO lists, shopping lists… So, given that I write and write with such glorious abandon, however has it taken me so long to arrive here?

    Frankly, who cares? I am here now and shall make up for lost time admirably, I assure you.

    I shall be blogging about one of the things I hold most dear in All the World – or, rather, two… ‘Vintage’ and ‘Photography’

    I shall be sharing all my experiences (well, possibly not quite all of them) and tips, treats and nuggets, special offers and a lot of frankly rivetting stuff which you’d be a Damn Fool to pass me up on!

    So I very much hope you will come along for the ride!


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